What you need to know about glamping


If you’re someone who likes camping outdoors and in the middle of nature, but you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, you’ve probably considered luxury glamping. If you thought that camping in nature under the starry sky means camping without luxuries or comforts, this is no longer the case.

Glamping, as we know it today, comes from the inspiration of many tourists during their high society travels many years ago. Kings, rich and noble people who needed to make long trips, used to camp in the open but at the same time enjoy all their comforts.

This has led to new generations adapting this form of lodging to their vacations and tourist activities; many well-known hotel booking platforms and travel agencies are even incorporating glamping into their services.

Camping no longer has to be a rustic or uncomfortable activity, with glamping it is possible to do this, and at the same time have amenities such as bed, kitchen, electricity, private bathroom and even wireless internet connection inside the tent.

Types of glamping

Luxury glamping is possible in different ways, since there are different types of tents that adapt to the conditions of the place where you are and also to the type of comfort you want to have inside.

Glamping safari tent

This type of tent is generally used in more complex or difficult natural environments. They usually have a raised platform and are very popular in East Africa and used for exploration trips, or expeditions in destinations with natural conditions such as deserts, among others.

Their design is usually modular, with very resistant manufacturing materials for camping with peace of mind and safety. Probably this type of tent is used by nomads and hunters, and now glamping owners from different parts of the world have adopted them in tourist destinations as luxury glamping.


Another way of glamping is with yurts. These are tents with a round structure that in ancient times were a form of portable housing that nomads used to travel around the world.

Yurts have also been adapted to the luxury glamping industry, because although they are built with wood, canvas and steel cables, they have been customized to offer tourists many benefits, such as plumbing, electrical service and more.

Tipi or Teepee

This time of tent has its origins in the camps of Native American peoples, where they were built with animal skins.

The luxury glamping industry has also incorporated these tents to its lodging options preserving their design, but with ecological materials, in order to avoid influencing the environment in a negative way.

This type of tent is widely used as glamping in places where the temperature is very low as it helps to keep the heat inside thanks to the material with which they are built and their triangular shape.

They are generally smaller than the rest of the tents, so they are built and equipped most of the time for a maximum of two people.

There are many types of glamping, so if you are serious about luxury glamping for your next vacation, be sure to consider these options and all those available in different tourist destinations.


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