Can King Size Mattress Dimensions Help Overcome My Back Pain?


Back pain can have many different causes, and choosing the wrong mattress is one so choose king size mattress dimensions carefully. People with spinal cord issues and back pain require just the right mattress to help relieve their pain. It may be your mattress’s fault if you’re tossing and turning all night. A soft mattress doesn’t offer spine support, while an extremely firm mattress will cause joint pressure in your hips and lower back pain.

Relationship Between King Size Mattress Dimensions & Back Pain

Going to bed with an awesome feel and waking up with back pain is probably time for a new mattress. The thickness and type of king-sized mattresses differ and can offer differing levels of support. Good posture is very important when you sleep, and the mattress should have the perfect balance of firmness and softness to provide you with it. Mattresses that are 8″-12″ thick with a medium-firm feel are good for back pain sufferers since they’re firm enough to support your back and prevent sinkage while being soft enough to comfort the natural structure of your spine.

Mattress Varieties In The Global Market

Mattresses Utilizing Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress molds around your body and provides maximum comfort and support. It is an ideal option for side sleepers and can help people relieve their back pain. It does, however, absorb a lot of heat, so it may not be ideal for every weather.

Specially Designed Gel (For Mattresses)

Gel mattresses are a great option for you if you want to stay cool throughout the night while getting ample support. It provides the comfort of memory foam and solves the overheating problem.

Mattresses With Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses are easily available as they’re the most commonly sold mattresses. They utilize steel coils designed to suppress when you apply weight. They’re a great option for people on a budget.

Mattresses With A Hybrid Technology

Hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds! They provide you with the firmness of an innerspring mattress along with the softness of a memory foam mattress. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking to splurge.

Orthopedic Mattresses

The purpose of the orthopedic mattress is to relieve your back pain and other spinal cord issues. They’re quite firm, distribute your weight evenly, and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Literally A Water Mattress

As fascinating as water beds seem, they don’t offer spine support and carry the risk of bursting at the slightest prick. However, they do provide relief to all pressure points and create a sensation of floating, which is extremely relaxing. Water beds and mattresses are best suited and preferred by kids especially teenagers who just want to sound and look cool in front of their friends. Similarly, consider any air mattress, which is also like a brother to a water mattress. Both these mattresses, however demand excess care and precautions. Even a minor pinch or poke with a needle or anything sharp can burst the mattress. So, be careful!


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