What are Fut coins in Fifa 23


Every online game has its own currency that is used to make purchases in the game, like buying clothes and upgrading certain items. The same is the case with Fifa 23 game. The reason for the popularity of this game is its collaboration with EA sports. Fifa 23 is played using fur coins. These FUT 23 coins PS4 help in playing the game more efficiently and increase the probability of winning. Fut coins are used for making purchases in Fifa ultimate team. You can transfer players in the market of the game or can purchase card packs. If you are a gamer then you would be aware of the value of silver and gold packs. Let’s discuss in detail how can you make fut coins in fifa 23.

Play more matches

You should play as many matches as you can. Every game you will play will give you some coins at the end of the game. Playing the game more efficiently will give you more coins. These coins will keep on piling up and can become huge amounts for you. moreover, if you keep on playing the game you may get the coins boost. These coins boost can be in 2x, 4x, etc. By using the coins boost the coins you will get at the end of the match will increase according to the boost you have applied.

Investment on cards

If you are smart enough then you should buy the right cards at the start of the season at a low price. When SBCs will come you can sell these cards for coins at a much higher price. You just have to wait for the right opportunity for this. Wait for the exact time and buy a lot of cards, you will surely get the reward in SBCs and can earn a lot of coins. Team of the week cards is also a good investment that can give you coins.

Selling the extra players

If your team has extra players that you don’t need then you can sell the player in the transfer market and can earn fut coins. For doing this you first have to get an idea of the price of the player from the third-party websites. This will protect you from ripping off. After getting an idea of the price you can sell the players in the transfer market. Always sell the cards on Thursday evenings and buy the cards on Sundays. This is because the selling prices of the cards on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings are the highest and on Sundays, the selling price is the lowest. Therefore you should not sell your cards on Sundays.

Final words

Fut coins can be earned in a number of ways. You can earn from investments, selling the players, applying smart strategies, playing more matches, and buying silver or bronze packs instead of gold. You just have to be smart enough to do so. Moreover, if you want to buy coins online you should always go for a trustworthy website. Because a reliable website will transfer the coins into your game wallet instantly without any inconvenience.


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