Using a Forklift for High-Density Storage


The shuttle rack is an extremely efficient and cost-effective storage solution. It has several advantages. Compared to drive-in racks, it allows warehouse managers to store more goods per square foot. It is highly adaptable to different types of warehouses and can be easily customized. It has a low-maintenance cost, which makes it an excellent option for warehouses with limited space. It’s easy to use, and the system doesn’t require a lot of space. It’s also easy to maintain and requires no maintenance.

Highly cost-effective storage solution

A shuttle rack is a modular storage system. It can be used with a number of different products. This product has a variety of features, such as adjustable heights and racks for different product sizes. It can also store a range of products from one to five SKUs. In addition to the rack, a Shuttle has an additional option to be fully automated. This option can be a great cost-effective storage solution.

It provides a convenient running and storage surface. A shuttle has an incline and can be swung in any direction. The curved shape allows for easy access for goods stored on it. The rack is usually galvanized, with a 2.5mm thickness. It has side and entry guides for ease of use. The space-saving design of the Shuttle makes it perfect for refrigerated shelving. This system can also be customized to fit a specific location.

The structure of the shuttle car is very sturdy and allows for easy access to goods within the shelf. The forklift only needs to be operated externally, avoiding the need for unnecessary verticality. The overall efficiency of a warehouse is reflected by the effective capacity. The storage space is optimized and loading time is reduced as a result. It’s also easy to replace a faulty shuttle without affecting the operation of the other shuttles.

The Shuttle System is a great option for warehouses that have limited space

Because it is mobile, it can increase your warehouse’s capacity, but it also can reduce your warehouse’s inventory. A single forklift operator can push a pallet up to three levels deep into a racking system and then return to the first empty space. This process has many benefits for both warehouses and forklift operators. There is a radio shuttle rack, which is more advanced than a manual one.

This radio-controlled system works with a remote control and can be operated from a remote location. It is a safe and efficient way to transport goods. A motorized shuttle can handle pallets much faster than a manual forklift and can maximize warehouse capacity. A manual forklift can cause a serious accident. With a Shuttle Rack, a radio-controlled forklift can reduce these risks. A radio-controlled forklift can avoid these problems by using a wireless transmitter.

The benefits of a Shuttle Rack are countless. The rack follows orders sent by an operator through a WiFi-connected tablet and compacts pallets as it moves. Its ability to store loads increases capacity and reduces the risk of accidents. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance, compared to ordinary shelves. This equipment can also be utilized in narrow aisles. However, a Space Shuttle Rack must be installed in areas where a forklift cannot operate.


A Shuttle Rack can be an effective space-saving solution for a warehouse with high-access requirements. It can store as much as 131 Ft of goods, and it is also easy to use. Its vertical extension makes it possible to maximize your storage space, and a horizontal extension will eliminate the need for an aisle. Adding an aisle to a warehouse is not an option with a Shuttle Rack, but it can be a good choice if you have limited space.


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