FIFA COINS: How To Earn Big Using SBCs and Packs


Acquiring FIFA coins in recent times is slightly more difficult than what was obtainable before. The acquisition of coins became less easy after EA decided to scrap silver packs and standard bronze.

But this doesn’t mean you should rob a bank to buy fut coins and build your dream FIFA team. There are still opportunities that will enable you to earn big even without spending a lot on FIFA points.

Helpful Tips on How To Earn Fifa Coins

1. Do Not Buy Gold Packs

Buying gold packs is a total waste of coins. Good packs are very easy to come by when you play so why waste your coins on them. You can earn gold coins simply by finishing SBCs and seasonal objectives.

You can also acquire gold packs as a reward for winning squad battles and division rivals. Most gold players are sold for 300-500 coins and you won’t get more than 4 in a pack. This does not seem like a very good deal when compared to the 5,000 coins you spent on buying 1 gold packs.

2. Keep Up With Live SBCs Every  Thursday Night

SBCs are constantly being released but Thursday night is the best time to check for new updates. Here is what you need to do; observe the requirements for every Live challenge and then send in a list of players in your club who are of use for them.

For instance, if an early matchup puzzle between Angers and Paris SG needs one Ligue player and a gold card, but not from more than four distinctive leagues, here is what is going to happen; The Value of French silver cards assigned to FRA 1 will increase rapidly. If they had been in your possession since you opened the silver packs, you can now cash out big time by selling them.

3. Trade Player Cards when they are most expensive

This rule is the foundation of this entire guide and the reason why gamers are advised to stick to bronze and silver. Gold cards are not often in demand because this pack is always open. Few people open bronze or silver packs as a result, its prices always increase when a certain card is needed to complete a challenge.

This works the same way supply and demand affect the price of products. When there is reduced supply and an increase in demand for a particular card, it becomes more expensive and you can sell to make huge profits.

4.  Weekly Web App Audit Keeps You on Top of Your Club

Doing a weekly web audit is not an easy process to carry out. But the good thing is that it will all be worth it in the end. If possible dedicate 30 minutes each weekend to this.

Every now and then, the price of a bronze or silver card skyrockets for no obvious reason. It could be that one of the gamers publicized an unusual SBC solution online leading to an increase in the price of items needed for it. Hence, it is advisable to audit your stashed cards every week if you can make out time.


The amount of FIFA Coins you have stacked up will determine your game power on the FIFA Ultimate Team. With these tips discussed above in mind, your chances of earning big will be drastically increased.


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