Applications and Features of Donut Fenders


The donut fender is a type of fender that is made up of a single piece. The construction consists of a donut-shaped ring with a hole in the middle, which is used for attachment purposes. These are constructed from high quality materials such as rubber and neoprene, which makes them highly durable. They have different sizes according to the requirements of the user.

These fenders are used on ships to protect them from damaging currents, waves and other floating objects. They can also be used as a bumper when mooring or docking vessels at dockside. These are widely used by many companies for protecting their assets against damage; hence, they are very popular among marine industries.

The different applications include:

Corner Protection

One application of donut fenders is corner protection. Donut fenders are placed at the corners of a boat or vessel to protect it from damage when the vessel comes into contact with other objects such as docks or pilings (posts). This type of protection is very important when docking a boat or vessel because it can prevent damage to expensive equipment on board or even injury to passengers if they bump into something while getting off board.

Turning Structures

These kinds of fenders are also used as turning structures in order to prevent any damage to your ship while turning around a corner or making a turn at sea. They can also be used as ramp protection if needed by using corrugated rubber pads on top of them so that they don’t slip away easily from their place when being used for turning purposes.

Lead-in jetties

The main purpose of lead-in jetties is to guide the ships into the harbor and calm the waves in order to prevent damage to ships and surrounding areas. The depth of the water may be too shallow, so it is necessary to construct a channel for ships to enter. The channel is usually dug into the sea, and then filled with concrete materials. However, due to its low cost and high efficiency, donut fenders have become one of the most popular alternatives for such applications.

Simple breasting dolphins

The role of simple breasting dolphins is mainly used for mooring boats and other vessels during storms or other extreme conditions. In addition, they can also be used as a protection against waves so that boats in bad weather conditions can safely pass through them without getting damaged.

Bridge protection

Bridge protection uses donut fenders as barriers around bridges/waterways that are easy to install and remove when necessary (especially during construction). Donut fenders are also widely used in building sites where there are large amounts of equipment moving around all day long.

Features of Donut Fenders

There are many features to using donut fenders including:

High Performance

Donut Fenders have high performance due to their special design that allows them to absorb many impacts from ships. They can withstand heavy weights and pressure caused when ships collide with each other or other objects.

Low Hull Pressure

Donut Fenders have low hull pressure which means they do not damage ship hulls when they come into contact with them. This is important because it prevents unnecessary damage to ships which could lead to costly repairs later on down the line if not repaired at all.


The donut fenders can be an effective way of addressing the issue of collision in the marine vessels. Considering the kind of impact a vessel can cause, it is best that you have a donut fender installed to help cushion any impacting collision that may occur. Of course, this is one way of saving lives as well as reducing unnecessary expenditures that would be intended at any repair costs.

Donut Fenders also do not mark ship hulls because they have soft rubber that does not leave marks on any surfaces unlike other types of fenders which have hard materials that can cause scratches or marks on surfaces like metal plates or wood planks etc…


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